In which I take the time to thank some very special people.

Throughout my time in creating these pages, I've had a lot of support, from friends I've always known, to people I met through my effort in tracking down Pooh information. I think it's worth my time to thank these people for all they've done to help me create these pages.

For providing a subject for my web page:

This page would never have even existed, if not for the wonderful stories and illustrations created by A. A. Milne and E. H. Shepard. Their work has inspired audiences for over 75 years, and will continue to inspire for many years to come.

I would also like to thank Mr. Christopher Franceschelli, president of Dutton Publishing. Through correspondence with him, we created an outline for this page that allows me to provide a great deal of information without infringing on any of the copyrights that exist concerning these stories. This also helped to guide me in the early stages on this site, allowing me to focus in certain areas. I think this has helped to make my site one of the more unique Pooh web sites on the Internet.

For providing information used on this web site:

It would have been nearly impossible for me to gather together all this information on my own. People have generously provided me with information about new Pooh sites on the web, various Pooh events going on, and information which I have passed along to others. Among these people, three in particular stand out. Donna Schwender, who provided me with information about the Cotchford Farm area in England; Robin Symington, who provided me with brochures and maps of Ashdown Forest; Paul Bray, who sent me photos of the Ashdown Forest area; and Kristen Nesselrod, a student at Harvard University who wrote to me when the local "House at Pooh Corner" was vandalized, led a mission to rebuild it, then sent me the newspaper article detailing everything. It's thanks to people like this that I can provide all the information that I have.

For technical support:

For the most part, I'm a loner when it comes to learning HTML, experimenting with it, and trying out new stuff. However, I want to give credit to Jeremy Bilas, a friend of mine whom I often bounced ideas off of, and occassionally got some ideas from. He tended to ignore me whenever I mentioned Pooh (most of my college buddies do), but he provided me with some key thoughts concerning Photoshop. (I'm an engineer, not a Design major...)

Thanks to Iowa State University, for providing me with the original server space to create this web page. I'd also like to thank Joe Main and Tom Larsen, for providing me with the server space that I am currently using.

Thanks go out to Jo Ann Champion and Glenda Helmick. Jo Ann created my wonderful new banner image for the site. Unfortunately, I had to actually add the name of the site to Jo Ann's creation, so I'm allowing everyone to view the original. Glenda helped me proof my Christopher Robin page and bring the whole thing together.

And thanks to the New York Public Library, for providing a very easy-to-understand style guide for creating and conforming to the XHTML 1.0 standard.

For moral support:

There's just no way to mention everyone who has sent me encouraging letters, but I'd like to mention a few that stand out...

First off, I'd like to thank all of my friends from college. They thought it was pretty strange that one of their own spent his free time writing about teddy bears, but everyone needs a critic, and who better than friends.

Next, the entire newsgroup and the Zone Enchanted Place mailing list. Both of these provided a lot of help with tracking down information as well as support.

A few people have managed to provide me with a semi-steady flow of email. Jo Ann Champion is one funny girl, and I always cheer up whenever I see her name listed among my new messages. Glenda Helmick has always been very supportive, and I love to hear her stories about the kids she teaches. Glenda's letters have always provided me with purpose; not just with my web pages, but in my life. David Sherrod is always a nice guy to correspond with, whenever our two schedules provide time to write. His own web page makes me quite envious...he has a way of words that I haven't quite captured. Peter and Katie Prunka (and I assume the rest of the Prunka Clan) have kept an eye out for my web pages when I've been away, and the occassional letters I've received from them have always been fun to read.

My parents have been very supportive. In fact, I think my mother was more excited over some of the awards my pages have won than I was. Both parents have taken copies of my pages into work with them, and both returned empty-handed, so I presume that somewhere out there, co-workers are reading hard copies of my site. (Whatever it takes to get the word out...)

And of course, my wife, Lisa. She keeps my "honey do" list short, so that I occassionally get time to work on this site.


And finally, thank you for visiting my site. I hope that I've created a site that you enjoy returning to.

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